Why EP Laboratories

Experience  •  Excellence  •  Precision  •  Professionalism

Why EP Laboratories


EP Laboratories, Inc. is an independent laboratory that specializes in testing services only.

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of quality and commitment to your testing needs.

While other companies offer similar testing services, their ultimate goal is to sell the laboratory instruments which perform these types of tests. They offer lab services to promote and market their products.

We believe that in order to deliver superior results, a testing lab needs to be focused on testing and not on selling products. We take pride in offering the best we can offer in testing services.

With EP Laboratories, Inc. as your lab service provider, you can expect:

  • Professional and attentive services.
  • Precise and reliable results.
  • Easy to understand, customized reports.

Why Us


Highly educated and qualified staff with over 20 years in materials-related testing who can perform the tests and analyze results accurately.


We do not rush through the testing process, we believe in quality, not quantity.


Advanced technology
We use state-of-the-art instruments manufactured by a world leader in laboratory instrumentation established in Switzerland for 30+ years.