EP Laboratories, Inc. is a dedicated independent testing laboratory with over 20 years of experience in material testing and characterization. We provide high quality testing services to the scientific and engineering community for R&D, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Product Qualification and Product Development. We specialize in mechanical testing using low loads, including nanoindentation and nano scratch testing.


Highly educated and qualified staff with over 20 years in materials-related testing who can perform the tests and analyze results accurately.


We do not rush through the testing process, we believe in quality, not quantity.

Advanced technology

We use state-of-the-art instruments manufactured by world leaders in laboratory instrumentation, including one established in Switzerland for 30+ years.

Applications and Industries Served

Our testing services cover a broad range of industries, applications, and materials. These include thin films & coatings, medical devices, electronics, packaging, automotive, space & aerospace, sporting goods, and more.


When conditions required us to rapidly perform testing of materials, we turned to EP Laboratories.  Our narrow time frame prompted us to commute in excess of four hundred miles via automobile to hand deliver the materials to Ethel Poiré at EP Laboratories.  Not only was Ms. Poiré very accommodating and flexible with her time, but she was able to complete extensive friction testing in only one day providing us with the rapid results that we desired.  The staff at EP Laboratories proved to be not only receptive, helpful and cooperative to our needs, but also able to provide services with flawlessness in execution and in the utmost professional manner.  We would readily use the services at EP Laboratories without hesitation.
Wayne Dickinson, Chief Engineer, Founder, SEQEnergy LLC
I was very impressed with the quality, professionalism and technical rigor of the recent testing that EP-Labs performed.  Nano hardness testing is difficult at best and even though the samples we sent were very small, they were expertly processed and we got the data we needed.  Thanks to all concerned for the great testing work!
Rick Gille, P.E., Director, Product Development, Glaukos Corporation
The project required the focused attention of Ms Poiré during one or two days about every two weeks for about 4 months.  In one emergency, in order to keep our schedule, Ms Poiré put forth a demanding 16-hour day of continuous work.  We were extremely satisfied with the results obtained and the numerous suggestions made by Ms Poiré that improved our analysis.  Her work product was flawless and was provided on time according to the delivery promises that were made.  I recommend Ethel Poiré for carrying out tribology and various testing and measurement tasks in her capacity at EP Laboratories.
Dr. C.W. Larson, Research Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory, Edwards AFB, CA